What Sports Tipping Website Should I Go For?

Quite often I get asked what the best bet tipping website is, or  either who the best online tipster or where can I get the best football accumulator tips? And a whole host of similar questions; my answer is always the same; “It depend’s on what you’re looking for.”

The reason I say that is because there are a multitude of tipping sites and tipsters on the internet, all with a varying range of styles, content and success rate. So it really does depend on what exactly you are looking for.

I will break it down further for you but first I want to take a look at the two broad categories of sports tipping sites.

Affiliate Tipping Site

There are two main types of sports betting tipping sites, affiliate sites or paid service sites, let us first look at affiliate tipping sites.

Affiliate tipping sites are websites that have joined one or more affiliate programs for an online betting site or sites. The deal is simple, they set up a site giving tips, become an affiliate and make money every time someone opens an account through a link on the site. This enables the site to give the tips out for free and still make enough money to keep the site and the owner’s interest going.

There is nothing in itself wrong with affiliate sites, the site you’re on now betfairtradingtips.com is an affiliate site. I am an affiliate of Betfair, Betdaq and Amazon (books), so any time you click on a link and sign up with Betfair or Betdaq or buy a book from Amazon I make a little money from that.

However for me there is a big elephant in the room when it comes to affiliate sites that are linked to standard online bookmakers like bet365 or William Hill and that is unlike this site, those sites only profit if their new sign ups lose.

If you use this link and sign up to the Betfair Exchange or this one and sign up to the Betdaq Exchange then I only make money when those companies make money and they only make money when you make money by taking a percentage of your winnings, some of which they give to me.

As long as you keep to trading on the Betfair Exchange I only profit if you profit, of course you can play the Betfair Sportsbook or Betfair Casino and I will make money too, but I will never ever advise you to do that as I believe that in the long run, it’s a waste of money. I’ll make more money from you if you do fritter away your cash on football accumulators and roulette, but I value you as a contributor to my network and not just on how much money you may or not make me.

However the same could not be said if I was an affiliate of Paddy Power or Ladbrokes or one of the other non trading sites. 

Don’t let cash-out options that these bookmakers are giving now fool you either, ultimately they run like a standard bookmaker, you make your bets with them and they either payout if you win or keep your money if you lose. If a standard online bookmaker has to payout because you have won, then an affiliate who signs you up will get nothing and in fact their earnings will decrease.

The only way to make money as an affiliate of bet365, Paddy Power and a host of other online bookmakers is to get lots of signups and those sign ups over a period of time to lose their money to the bookmaker, so that the bookmaker can give over a percentage of those losses/earnings.

Betfair Trading Advice:

Most affiliate tipping sites are genuinely trying to give the best tips they can as they realise that even if they give the impossibility of 100% winning tips all year round, the people that sign up through their affiliate links will still lose money in the long run by following their own instincts and/or other people’s tips.

Always check past tips that the site has given, if they are a tip and reason site, then read their reasons for tipping and see if they are truly trying to give insightful information or whether they are actually trying to throw you off the scent.

Affiliate tipping sites that are constantly talking about accumulator bonuses and long odds specials are only interested in you spending money with their paymasters without return; avoid them at all costs.

The best affiliate tipping sites are ones like this one, that are attached to a betting exchange like Betfair, these sites only make money from you if you win, therefore it is in their best interests to give you tips they think will actually make you some money. Of course this is no guarantee that their tips are any good, you will still have to do your due diligence, but you are starting off from the right place with these sites.

Paid Tipping Sites

Paid tipping sites are sites that; you guessed it, you pay for the tips they email to you or that you access directly on the website. These sites represent a minefield for someone trying to get into betting or trading as all of these sites and I mean ALL of them are in profit!!!

How can this be? I hear you ask. Does that mean that all I have to do to make money from betting is to join a paid tipping service, sit back and watch the bucks roll in?

No, no and no oh and no again, one more time for good luck, in caps this time NO!

Of course they can’t all be in profit, that is a statistical impossibility. Note I used the word impossibility not improbability. That’s because it is impossible for every single paid tipping service to be in profit, just by the mere fact that their tips will often conflict with each other.

So if one has said Arsenal win and the other Arsenal draw then it’s obvious they can’t both be right. 

Of course you could get a sports trading tipster who says trade Arsenal for the draw in the first half and the win in the second.

I myself have given tips on Twitter that if you looked at you’d say that was a losing trade, he said it was going to be less than 2.5 goals and the result was 2-1.

Which is totally true, however if you have previously followed #BTTLive on Twitter, then you’ll know that I traded out for a profit at 1-0 in the 60 minute and the subsequent 2 goals were scored in the 78th and 85th minutes. However I’m always clear in these situations, I’ll tweet it as a winning trade, but I’ll let people know that ultimately the bet lost even though it was possible to win money on.

I find doing it this way ensures two things, one, that I am not misleading anyone and two, people who are just interested in placing a bet and just leaving it, understand the risks of doing so with my tips, as I don’t care what happens to them once the #BTTFamily and I have cashed out.

If you’re worried about a service put the name of the service into Google and then the word scam, you’ll be able to make up your own mind pretty quickly about the service. Just be aware though that every profitable service will have its detractors and there will be punters who bought the service in the middle of a bad run, lost money and then decided it was a scam.

There is a general rule about paid tipsters; it’s not absolute, but it is a good guide to use.

Genuine paid tipsters are not afraid to publish their results.

Genuine paid tipsters tend to publish their results on twitter, which will lead to thanks from their followers.

If someone is claiming that they make regular profits from statiscal unlikelihoods, like football accumulator or lucky 15 betting, they are lying, no one on this beautiful blue planet of ours makes regular money from accumulators. Would you trust someone who said that they got 3 numbers on the lottery every week? If you would, then you need to do some serious reading up on probabilities (choosing 3 numbers from 49, to match 3 random numbers drawn from 7 is 54/1 i.e. if you do it every week, on average you would get 3 numbers once every 12 and a half months)

Check out sites like Betting scams set up by a guy who was once ripped off by a scam tipster and decided to take the industry to task. He has a tipster blacklist on the site and you can find him on twitter at @BettingScams 

The only thing I would say about him is he does seem a bit militant and there are some people he’s called out for being scammers and for the life of me I can’t work out why. I think he was burned badly so he only sees the bad side, whilst there is a blacklist of all the bad ones, there is no whitelist for the good tipsters.

For a more balanced view I would go for Tipsters Review, this site hasn't been going long, but it has built up an impressive following and is currently reviewing about 45 tipsters both paid and unpaid. At the time of writing I am not on Tipster Review but may apply to be on there soon, though I think the infrequency of my actual Betfair trading tips will probably get me marked down by those who want tips every day.

Betfair Trading Advice: 

Never pay up front for tips; why should you? There are lots of sites out there who give tips for free, some of them start charging after a while. Others like this one stay free and rely on affiliate advertising and donations.

To prove my point if you look at the last 10 trades I made in the English football season, they all won; one actually lost, Sheffield Wednesday v Brighton ended up 2-1 but I and anyone following #BTTLive had traded out by then.

So I returned 100% profit for an up front cost of zero, I think that’s a pretty good return don’t you? All I ask is if you don’t have a Betfair or Betdaq account to clear your cookies, just in case you've been on one of those sites without signing up (so I get paid!) and click on my links open an account, deposit some money, follow one of my #BTTLive under 2.5 goals trades (the most successful ones) and win some money (so I get paid!).

If you do have an account with both those betting exchanges already, then that’s cool, you are still of value to me because you’re a fellow trader and you might at one stage have something of value to add to a discussion or article.

And even if you don’t ever contribute any views, my hope is that you learn something about sports trading and use it to your advantage to make money, one day you may come back and say thanks or you may not, it’s all the same to me; I'm just happy for the attention!

So at the end of day don’t you feel more comfortable taking gambling advice from someone who has a vested interest in making you a winner?

Betting Forums

Sports trading and betting forums can be a really great source of knowledge and information, they too tend to be affiliated to the conventional bookmakers as well as the exchanges too. However the difference with a forum is because their content is user generated, it is less likely that they are pushing losing tips onto you.

Clearly an obvious advantage with a forum is that you are getting free advice from a wide range of people, over time you may get to know particular contributors who seem to give good regular tips.

One of the most important benefits you’ll get from a forum is that because of the wide range of people using it from different countries, talking about different sports or even just different leagues in the same sport; you can diversify.

If you are looking to trade full time then you probably need a diverse portfolio, that is to say if you only bet on the English Premier League football, then for 3 months of the year you are not going to be trading, which in itself may not be a bad thing (you may be so shit hot that in 9 months you make enough to cover 3 months of not trading).

The best thing about a forum is the company, I don’t know what your personal situation is, but if it’s anything like mine then you don’t know that many sports traders naturally, therefore a forum can provide a Betfair trading buddy or just someone to bounce off now and again.

Betfair Trading Advice:

Use forums to diversify the kind of trades you do, even if you are trading in one particular event like football, being on a forum may help you discover different profitable markets within football that you’d never considered.

You may even find that you discover how to trade a market that you had previously had trouble with.

To maximise these benefits, keep an eye on contributors, have a look at the star contributors first, but make sure to note down in your trading notebook which ones give consistently good advice and make sure you follow them.

Trading can be a lonely journey sometimes, so keep an eye out on forums for traders and bettors that you can click with and that will really enrich your experience not just on that forum but in trading in general.

Discussion points:

Let’s continue this in the comment section below;

What do you need from a tipping site and how would you like it laid out?

What would you like Betfair Trading Tips to add or remove?

What’s the number one key thing that you can’t do without from a tipping site?

As ever, good luck and happy trading

The Zen Trader