Betfair Fixed Betting Scam Explained

In the last few months I've noticed an increase in the amount of Twitter accounts claiming to have knowledge of fixed horse races or football matches. They tweet screenshots of their Betfair profit & loss pages as proof of their winnings, I have even been approached by one itself.

The accounts are different but the method is the same, the person running the account will post something like; “Next fixed matched Rubin Kazan v  Anzhi Makhachkala- correct score”.

Then a couple of hours later the person posts a screenshot of their Betfair account profit and loss page showing a four or five figure win next to the correct score for the Rubin Kazan v  Anzhi Makhachkala game.

 An example of a scammer tagging me in his fake profits post.

An example of a scammer tagging me in his fake profits post.

These are the only tweets they will do, if you ask them any details about the matches or the races they are claiming are fixed they will ask you to mail or private message them on Twitter. Once you do this they will tell you about their pricing plan, which will involve you giving them hundreds or even thousands of Euros for a month’s worth of 100% guaranteed winning tips.

Sounds great right? I mean this is what you dream of, meeting that stable lad or that referee’s uncle who is in on the fix and absolutely knows what the outcome of the game will be. Plus it’s those foreign leagues which are dodgy anyway, it’s not like you’re contributing to the downfall of the game in your own country, right?

Well, as the old saying goes, if something seems to good to be true, then it is. Think about it, if you had connections to a crooked Russian gambling syndicate whereby you were getting top secret information about the outcome of certain football matches.

Would you; A - Keep the information to yourself making the maximum amount of profit on each fixed game.

Or would you; B - Blabber about it on Twitter to try and make some more money from your information, but at the same time potentially putting yourself, the people giving you the information and any dodgy players involved, in a massive dung heap of trouble.

I'm fairly sure all but the most intellectually challenged people would do the first one and even if you wanted to profit a bit more by selling the information, you would do it in a much more clandestine manner than blasting it all over Twitter.

But wait a minute; what about the proof, the screenshots from their Betfair accounts, doesn't that prove that they’re bonafide? Maybe they’re just being reckless and don’t believe that Russian football league officials will get wind of anything on Twitter, especially as they are posting in English.

Also what about their followers who leave tweets thanking them for the information?

As far as the grateful followers are concerned, this can easily be explained by weight of numbers. If you have enough followers, you will always be right for some of them and quite by chance there will be the odd follower who has a string of wins and they will think you a genius.

If one of these scammers has 100 people who have bought his “tips” then he just has to split his tips up into “win”, “lose” or “draw” guaranteeing that at least a third of his followers will win the bet. He can even up this to 50% by sticking to two outcome markets like the over/under market in football; by doing this he will always have some satisfied customers and as long as he keeps adding to that customer base he’ll never run out of people thinking that he really is getting advice on fixed games.

But what about the screenshots; you can’t fake those right?


There is a site out there which as far as I can make out was designed by and for people wanting to scam money from sports traders. On this site you can go and input any data you want into a form that looks just like the Betfair profit & loss screen.

I won’t post a link to it as I don’t want to give this site credibility, but beware the scammers will use this site or others like it to fake profits. You won’t just see them on Twitter either as you do various searches for Betfair tipsters you will come across various people who “guarantee” you profits.

 Betfair profit and loss generator you can edit the fields to whatever you want.

Betfair profit and loss generator you can edit the fields to whatever you want.

Claims like 100% guaranteed profits from my in-play system only £XXX to guarantee profits!!

On their sites they will show you screenshots of their winnings to prove they are the real deal...

They are not, avoid them, the clue is in the claim; no one can guarantee 100% profits, because no one knows what the outcome of 100% of the things that they’ll be betting on and if they did, they wouldn't tell you via the medium of the internet because that would lead to the police eventually arresting them and then using their internet posts as evidence in court to put them away.

The only way to guarantee that a screenshot of an event is real, is to see that screenshot with the cashout button while the game is taking place; which by the way is what I do. Also another clue to a genuine tipster, are screenshots of losing trades, also something Betfair Trading Tips does.

It’s a shame someone like @bettingscams on Twitter doesn't focus on scammers like this, but instead spends his time moaning about affiliates giving out tips they think will lose in order to get commissions; which I’m sure happens but is no where near as blatantly dishonest as this fixed event scam.

There are more ways to make money trading on Betfair than using other traditional betting methods, but none are 100% guaranteed to give you profits and they're legal.

So till next time, take care, good luck and happy trading.

The Zen Trader.