Feed Your Subconscious Become A Betfair Guru

Some sports traders seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to trading on Betfair, they always seem to be on the right team in the right game and usually trade out just before things go against them. The thing is, we've all had those Zen Moments when everything seems to be going right and you just can't lose.

The problem is

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The Fallacy Of Conjunction

I wanted to do a quick article on something that I've been pondering for a while, it is a particular cognitive bias called the, conjunction fallacy. 

The conjunction fallacy is a cognitive bias whereby the brain gives two outcomes a greater statistical likelihood than a single outcome. Generally the conjunction fallacy will not play a significant enough part in our day to day lives for us to notice.

But when we are attempting to profit by trading sports on Betfair, then this cognitive bias has the potential to ruin your long term profits

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Your Mind Over Money

The last thing we want when trading on the Betfair exchange, is for our own brains to subconsciously sabotage our attempts to win money; but unfortunately this happens to a lot of people, a lot of the time, because of something called cognitive bias. 

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The Paradox of Choice

The problem with maintaining your discipline when trading on Betfair is that you have to be disciplined in many things, many of which I've written about on here before. There are studies that show that if you give a person too many choices, then not only does this confuse and depress the person, it also gets them using pointless features that they wouldn't otherwise have taken notice of.

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2 Easy Ways To Win More Higher Odds Bets

Have you ever spotted a bet that you thought had more than an even chance of winning but when you went to check the bet on Betfair the odds were way higher than you thought they were going to be?

But instead of taking the bet, for some reason you just don’t and then later, when you watch it win, you’re left upset and frustrated because you can't explain why you wimped out at the last minute? Wouldn’t you like to know why you do that and how to stop it and therefore start making money from these “great spots” that you make?

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