Dynamic Over Goals Football Trading Strategy

If you have traded the over goals market on Betfair then you would have noticed something, from the very first whistle, sometimes before, the price is going up which means that your over goals trade is slipping further and further into the red.

What do you do?! You are sure the game is going to end up with more goals than you've said it will, but while goals aren't going in your virtual losses are getting bigger and bigger. Then what if it's 0-0 at halftime (HT)? Or a goal is scored by the underdog right at the end of the 1st half? The price for the over market you've chosen hardly gets to your original price.

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Trading To Your Strengths – If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Winning money on Betfair is great, winning money consistently on Betfair is fantastic. Hitting a winning streak is like confirmation that you're doing something right. The trick is staying on that winning streak, carrying on the good work you have been doing; so how do you do that?

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The Dangers Of Same Room Sports Trading

I've spoken previously about The Benefits Of A Betfair Trading Buddy in that article I spoke about how having a trading buddy can be beneficial when it comes to assessing and post analysing trades.

I also spoke about how trading can be a lonely place and if you don’t have friends who understand what you are doing or just dismiss it out of hand, then, having a trading buddy or partner can alleviate some of the inevitable loneliness that you can feel trading on your own.

What I did not speak about is the very powerful human psychological responses of social grouping.

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