Feed Your Subconscious Become A Betfair Guru

Some sports traders seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to trading on Betfair, they always seem to be on the right team in the right game and usually trade out just before things go against them. The thing is, we've all had those Zen Moments when everything seems to be going right and you just can't lose.

The problem is

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Finding The Bonus Within The Bonus

What would you say, if I said to you, you can profit on a bonus, without actually taking up the bonus offer? Yeah, I thought so, well read on.

Last week I wrote an article called The Fallacy Of Conjunction, where I looked at how bookies try to entice you into statistically unlikely bets using bonuses. Well there's another type of welcome bonus bookies use to try and entice your hard earned cash from you and that's the bonus enhancer. The beauty about the bonus enhancer, is that you can use it to win money, without actually taking up the offer; this is the art of extracting the bonus within the bonus.

But how can you benefit from a betting offer without actually taking up the offer? Also how can you make money on Betfair with these offers, when Betfair aren't even the company offering the bonus?

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