The mental boot camp for Betfair Traders

Hello I am the Zen Trader and welcome to Betfair Trading Tips! I first got a Betfair account in March 2009 and I have spent that six and a half years going through the ups and downs that every sports trader goes through. 

I have taken all that experience and condensed it all down into the articles on this site, all for the soul purpose of making you a better trader. Through the controlling of your instinct through intellectual reasoning you will become a Betfair Ninja, able to make snap stone cold decisions without hesitation or fear of consequence.

The key to being a successful trader, more than anything else is control over your emotions and the only way to get that is to understand the thing controlling them; your subconscious mind.

Using a knowledge of cognitive function combined with trading experience Betfair Trading Tips will give you a set of mental tools to ensure you don’t fall into the same self-sabotaging behaviour that besets so many sports traders and ultimately stops them from making a profit.

Whether you are completely new to trading or you’re an expert or even a pro, BTT will have some advice for you.

What most people want from a tipping site is good solid trades and you'll be able to get those on the Betfair Trading Tips Twitter feed. I tend to trade in football, with the odd dabble into cricket and rugby. I usually trade under 2.5 goals in English league football and I have a very high strike rate which can be checked on Twitter as I tweet all my trades, win or lose. 

Whilst I will give out good winning and sometimes losing trades, this is not the primary goal of Betfair Trading Tips all tips will be tweeted under the hashtag #BTTLive, you can keep up with the #BTTLive tips by watching the feed on the bottom right of the home page. 

Alternatively to make sure you don’t miss any juicy trades follow @Bettradingtips on Twitter and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any tips. Also I will never ever charge for my tips, regardless of how well (or badly!) they are doing.

You can also click here to subscribe and I will often email you my trades at least 12 hours before putting them on Twitter. Though that will not always be possible and as you will find out I sometimes do not trade for weeks.

As mentioned above the primary reason that Betfair Trading Tips exists is to make you better at sports trading and I aim to do that by focussing on the mental side of trading and training your mind to become a mental ninja able to spot opportunities and avoid pitfalls. 

In Zen Trading together we will explore the mental side of trading looking through the eyes of Zen philosophy in order to master our sometimes destructive, instinctive urges. Whilst using adapted Zen meditation techniques to achieve a state of calm and laser like focus, detaching our emotions from the trade and analysing it with crystal clear clarity.

Trading Strategies will look at the various ways you can trade, looking at different events, markets and strategies that will suit your trading personality.

Insider Trading contains various secrets that will help you become a better trader whilst the Starters Guide will help you take your first steps into the world of trading.

Browse Tutorials for step-by-step guides which will teach you basic and advanced trading techniques. You will also be able to find how to use and personalise Betfair and Betdaq and how to get started using trading software.

The reason I am confident in giving this advice is because I follow it myself and I know it works. I am not a full time pro, but I am an expert in psychology and I have been using psychology to stop getting into the losing habits that I and so many traders can find ourselves in.

What I hope you take away from Betfair Trading Tips is a confidence to go out and trade on your own without relying on tipsters or anything else but your own brain, the power is within you!

Affiliate Disclaimer

Although Betfair is the most popular exchange on the web, it isn’t the only one and often when I say Betfair I am often referring to Betdaq as well. There are other exchanges out there, but for now, whilst I will review them, I won’t often refer to them as I don’t believe they offer as much flexibility and range of trading that Betfair or Betdaq offer.

For this reason I am an affiliate of both Betfair and Betdaq, which means that I get a commission from these exchanges for introducing new customers. I am actually morally proud of this fact, because unlike other sites whereby a customer has to lose in order for an affiliate to make money.

The sporting exchange system is such that a small commission is taken from your winnings and not your losses and I get a small percentage of that, therefore I only win if the customers I introduce win, therefore it is in my best interest to give you the best tips and advice I possibly can.

Of course you can play casino or more traditional sportsbook games on Betfair and I believe on Betdaq, however I will NEVER encourage you to play these games as they stray from what I believe in and that is trading.

I will from time to time review products such as trading bots, but I will only endorse products that I use myself and find useful.

So enjoy Betfair Trading Tips and please feel free to comment on any of the posts, please just remember to be respectful to me and each other and I will afford everyone the same courtesy, 

If you like what you read then please subscribe, I will never give or sell your information and it is held on a secure server to which only I have access to. I promise not to spam you and to keep you updated about posts and to give you the odd free report and any other free stuff that I think is relevant, which you are free to accept or decline as you wish.

Good luck and happy trading!

The Zen Trader